Food from Finland for my dog

Our first product, HÄME dog food, arrived in stores in August 2017. Next on the shelves was SAVO dry food in March 2018. Now our range of provinces has expanded and our family of products has been supplemented with grain-free LAPPI dry food, and the smaller-sized kibble EIRA, HANKO and LEVI for small dogs. Our products have been developed by listening to our customers' wishes. Our product family will also expand in the future.

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Dagsmark wants to change the pet food market one food bowl at a time by offering pets the opportunity to eat clean, ecological and traceable Finnish pet food.

It has been clear to us from the outset that the recipe and production processes must be something that we can talk about proudly and openly.  By setting an example, we want to change the current practice according to which it is not mandatory to state the country of origin for pet food.

The Association for Finnish Work has granted our company the right to use the Key Flag. For us, the Key Flag symbol is a sign of quality and verified origin. So the country of origin of Dagsmark food is always Finland, which can be verified on each of product package. We are also the only domestic dog dry food manufacturer whose whole process is under the supervision of the Finnish Food Authority.

We want to be a company owned, loved and used by Finns. We want to be part of your everyday life with your dog, providing a good start for a happy dog life.

Laura Strömberg
Managing Director, Dagsmark Petfood Oy