Raw materials

Clean & Local

The quality and purity of the raw materials are our fundamental pillars. We want to provide dogs with safe, antibiotic-free and tasty food that is produced locally. Our process starts already in product development as we only design foods with raw materials we can get from Finland and as close to our factory as possible.


Chicken is an important pillar of our food chain today and in terms of kilos it is the number one meat produced in Finland at the moment. Many parts unfit for human consumption can be used in dog food and this in turn promotes the circular economy and reduces the carbon footprint.

Herring and sprat

Herring and sprat are the basis of our fish-based foods, as they are available sustainably close, unlike, for example, wild salmon. In terms of catch rates, Baltic herring is the largest and most important fish species in Finland.


The potato is a nutrient-rich root vegetable that grows abundantly in Finland. In addition, it breaks down in the dog’s digestive tract very well and is therefore an excellent raw material for dog food.


Oats are naturally gluten-free cereals, known for their excellent digestibility and stomach-friendly fibers. There are numerous studies on the benefits of oats, which are also evident on the human side as an increase in the use of oats, for example in the bread industry.

Forest berries

Forest berry powder contains several domestic berry varieties that have been dried and crushed. The health benefits of berries are based on the high amounts of vitamins they contain as well as fiber.


Linseed is a nutritious source of oil and good fatty acids. Linseed is rich in omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. In addition, the seeds contain a lot of fiber, protein and minerals. Linseed is perfectly suitable as part of your dog’s alimentation because of its excellent absorption.

Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is a great source of fatty acids and a great addition to your dog’s complete and balanced food. It is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, but low in saturated fat. It has a nutritionally optimal ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, rapeseed oil contains vitamin E, vitamin K and plant sterols. Rapeseed oil is abundantly available from Finland in a sustainable way.


Our production takes place in Karijoki, in the middle of beautiful countryside. Domestic production and the employment of local people are points of honour we do not compromise on. When you choose a Dagsmark product, you can be sure that the product was made in Finland.

Our factory is up-to-date and modern. We make equipment purchases ourselves, and we invest all the time to the extent necessary in acquiring new equipment. We make sure we keep up-to-date on innovations from around the world and we are constantly striving to modernize our factory, not only to increase our efficiency, but also to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our product development is carried out in Finland by a team of professionals in the field. We have the best experts in dog alimentation at our disposal, and we are all passionate dog people, so our product development is always about the end user – the dog.

The carbon pawprint is on everyone’s lips. Sustainable development, protecting biodiversity and safeguarding clean forests for the next generation of dogs and human beings is of paramount importance to us. We believe that small acts have a big impact. Domestic dog food is already an eco-operation in itself, but in addition to this, we strive to take into account ecology and curb emissions already in the production stage.